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Year 4 W.B 20th April


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Busy Ant Maths

Lesson 1 Page 4 LINK

Lesson 2 Page 5 LINK

Lesson 3 Page 6 LINK

Lesson 4 Page 7 LINK

Lesson 5 Negative Numbers Board Game LINK

Lesson 5 Question Cards LINK

Lesson 5 Make Own Dice


Extension Tasks

Lesson 1 Extension LINK

Lesson 2 Extension LINK

Lesson 3 Extension LINK

Lesson 4 Extension LINK

Lesson 5 Loom Link

Children to complete each challenge every day. Once finished, they can complete one of the extension tasks or do 15 minutes on Times Table Rockstars. Additional Maths links are also provided on the school website.

Exercise book


1 hour per day

Lesson 1 Comprehension

Lesson 1Text LINK

Lesson 1 Text Questions LINK


Lesson 1 Loom Video LINK



Children to watch the video to listen to this week’s story and then answer the questions in their book. They also have a copy of the text that you can follow.

Exercise book

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Describing emotions LINK


Children to complete the task creating sentences to describe Minty’s emotions.

Exercise book

Lesson 3 Planning

Lesson 3 Planning sheet LINK


Lesson 3 Loom Video LINK



Children to plan their diary entry.

In exercise book or directly onto the planning sheet.

Lesson 4 Writing

Lesson 4 Minty writing prompt LINK


Children to draft the diary entry they planned yesterday.

Exercise book

Lesson 5 Final version

Lesson 5 Minty Final Version LINK


Children to edit and improve their diary entry and then complete a final version.

In exercise book or on paper provided.


2 hour per day


Science 1 LINK

Children to work through the activity sheet which includes links to online videos and activities to investigate how basic circuits work.

Online and on sheet.


History LINK

History Long Boat Template LINK

Children to research the Vikings using the links provided and then create their own Viking Long Boat.

Exercise book

Additional Resources


1 instalments of The Switch





Chapter 1 of Narnia



Listen to Mrs Hatter read her second instalment of ‘The Switch’.








Listen to Miss Black read the first chapter of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.’