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Year 4 W.B 4th May


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Busy Ant Maths

Lesson 1 LINK  

Lesson 2 LINK

Lesson 3 LINK

Lesson 4 LINK

Lesson 5 LINK (optional VE day bank holiday)

Lesson 5 Challenge 1  LINKLINK

Lesson 5 Challenge 2 LINK

Lesson 5 Challenge 3 LINK

Extension Tasks

Lesson 1 Extension  LINK

Lesson 2 Extension  LINK

Lesson 3 Extension  LINK

Lesson 4 Extension  LINK

Loom video to explain all of the key concepts covered this week.


Loom video to explain Friday maths lesson.


ANSWERS - please find relevant lesson using top of page for example, U10 W3 L2

Children to complete each challenge Monday to Thursday and then select a level of challenge for Friday and complete either Challenge 1, 2 or 3. Once finished, they can complete one of the extension tasks or do 15minutes on Times Table Rockstars. Additional Maths links are also provided on the school website.





The first Loom video explains all of the key maths concepts covered this week and so the children should refer to it daily.




The second Loom video explains the children’s Friday maths challenge.                 

In exercise books or on sheets provided.


1 hour per day

Lesson 1 Comprehension

L1 The Man Who Walked Between the Towers Text  LINK

L1 Text questions  LINK

You can listen to the full story being read on this Loom video.


Children to Listen to or read the story of The man who walked between the towers and then answer the comprehension questions.

Exercise book.

Lesson 2 Grammar

L2 To revise word classes LINK


Word class definitions LINK

Children to use the word class definitions sheet to help them answer the word class questions and then colour code the words according to their word class.

On the sheet provided

Lesson 3 Planning

L3 Planning Sheet LINK


Watch this film trailer for ‘The Walk’ to help you imagine what walking on the wire might have been like.

Phillipe Petit – The Walk LINK

Loom video to explain this week’s writing task


Children to plan a diary entry as Phillipe Petit about his walk between the towers.  The Loom video will talk you through this task.

On the planning sheet provided.

Lesson 4 Writing


L4 Writing prompt LINK

Children to use their plan from yesterday to write their diary entry. Look at the writing prompt for an idea of how to start.

Exercise book.

Lesson 5 Final version 

(optional VE day bank holiday)

L5 Final Draft LINK

Children to complete and then edit their diary entry draft. Once complete, children should write up their final version on the paper provided.

On paper provided.


2 hour per day


Art task 1 guidance LINK

Andy Warhol fact sheet LINK

Art task 2 guidance LINK


Loom video.


In their first task the children should investigate Pop Art and Andy Warhol. They should choose their favourite piece of his art work. Recreate it and explain why they like it.

In their second task the children should create their own piece of art work inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art.

On plain paper.



Science Task LINK


Optional Science Template LINK


Loom video.


Children should use the online video clips and activities provided to find out about how electricity enters our home and how electricity can be dangerous. They should then make their own electrical safety poster. This can be done on the computer, plain paper or using the optional template provided.

On the computer, on paper or on the optional template provided.

Additional Resources


The Switch:



Chapter 3 of Narnia:


Chapter 4 of Narnia:




Listen to Mrs Hatter read you the next instalment of The Switch




Listen to Miss Black read you chapter 3 and 4 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.



Optional Foundation Art

Optional Art competition



You can submit your entry directly on the website